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Cheapest Student & Long Term Car Rental in San Diego

Who says you don’t have the means to travel since you’re only a student? San Diego Car Rentals provides the cheapest student car rental in San Diego so you can go places without having to run short on budget.

We offer a wide array of cars from sedans, sports cars, SUVs, to 4WD to meet your varying needs on the road and reasons for travel. San Diego Car Rentals understands your demand for a long term car rental so that is what we offer. Enjoy our general car rental services, drive all you want and bask in the beautiful sunny San Diego or Los Angeles! Auto hire, car rent for school, vacations, business and students made easy.

San Diego Car Rentals prides itself in giving you only the best. So take the wheel now!

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Number one for Student Car Rental in San Diego! Number one for long-term Car Rental in San Diego! San Diego Car Rentals provide affordable car rental services in the San Diego area. Our prices are simply the best! Our cars include a line of economy, full size, sports, convertibles and luxury cars; some of which include: BMW, Honda, Toyota, Kia, Pontiac, Ford Mustang and many more. San Diego Rental cars do not have limitation on miliage driven. We guarantee best prices in the San Diego area for long-term rentals. We do insurance replacements, direct billing, rent to own services and travel services. Contact San Diego Car Rentals today for the best rate! Call (619) 708-9262
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